• What is BKexpress?

    BKexpress is the first and only premise-based and cloud-based practice management system designed specifically for consumer bankruptcy firms. … Continue Reading…

    What is BKexpress?
  • Why BKexpress?

    BKexpress is designed to help you increase your revenue, lower your costs, and reduce risks, making your firm as efficient and profitable as it can be. … Continue Reading…

    Why BKexpress?
  • Results

    BKexpress clients find that their retain rates are improved, their costs have dropped, and that they are more efficient than they have ever been. … Continue Reading…



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I have increased my total filings by 30% and my profit has increased 5 – fold … I can say that I would not have achieved these results without BKexpress and I would highly recommend it to any other bankruptcy practitioner.  
No. California Attorney